Cyrstal & Rhinestone Designs by
Kristine Ellman
Copyright 2001 - 2012 Kristine A. Ellman. All rights reserved.





All designs can be created in Swarovski® Hot-Fix Crystals or Korean Hot-Fix Rhinestones.  See Swarovski® and Korean Color Charts below for available crystal and rhinestone colors to choose from.  If I don’t have your color choice in stock, please allow at least one week for me to order the crystals and/or rhinestones, and have them shipped here.  Designs take anywhere from one day to a week to create depending on complexity of design.

I do not sell shirts and jackets to put crystal and rhinestone designs on.  One option is that you can send me a shirt or jacket that you would like to have a crystal or rhinestone design on.  Once I receive your garment, I create and apply the crystal design and then ship it back to you.  The other option that I offer is to create the design and then send it to you with instructions on how to iron it on your shirt, jacket, denim purse, etc.  I recommend using a “pre-shrunk” good quality cotton shirt, jacket, etc. to apply your crystal/rhinestone design.  I also recommend staying away from nylon and fragile materials. 

All designs currently shown are just an idea of what I can create in crystals and rhinestones.  If you don’t see something that you would like, contact me and I will see if I can create if for you.  I can also create any dog breed design upon request.  New designs are always being created, so check back often to see what’s new!


Wording can be done in a variety of different fonts in upper & lower case, (see chart below), as well as all caps.  Some fonts require two different sizes of crystals, to achieve the correct look.  Choosing a more deluxe font which will require more than one size of crystal, will slightly add to the final cost of the design. 

Swarovski® Crystals vs. Korean Rhinestones:

The Swarovski® Crystals are really beautiful and will last the lifetime of the garment.  The Korean rhinestones are nice, but the color choices and sizes are limited.  They do not sparkle like the Swarovski® crystals, but they are a more economic choice. 

Washing and Care Instructions:

Crystal and Rhinestone designs are created using hot-fix rhinestones and/or crystals.  The design on your garment is machine-washable.  Turn garment inside out before washing.  Wash on the gentle cycle in cool or cold water.  To dry, set dryer on LOW heat, or lay flat to dry.  Because your design was applied to your garment using heat and special glue, it is important that you don’t wash the garment in warm or hot water, or dry in a hot dryer.